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Teaching and Events

If you would like to get in touch about mentoring opportunities with me, please contact the London Writers' Salon for more details of what I can provide. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram where I advertise any courses I am running.

Many of my past students have gone on to find agents and publishers.

Kita Mitchell - MA alumna from Bath Spa University and
author of the
Grandma Dangerous books said:

'Anna's feedback enabled me to look at my manuscript with fresh eyes. Working with her improved my writing enormously' 

Student - Bath Spa University:

"Anna is an exceptional lecturer. She brings a wonderful wit and so much passion and positivity to writing that I haven’t experienced with other lecturers. She is critical but compassionate and constructive. She has a wealth of knowledge and industry experience which is invaluable because she is honest about how the writing world works. I always feel uplifted and inspired to write better after her seminars."

Writer - Arvon Foundation:

"I had done courses before but this one with Anna seemed to be better at getting to the nuts and bolts of storytelling-in terms of structure, perspective, tense etc. It overcame a problem I have had with writing advice for many years - the primacy of character in driving plot. The exercises forced me to admit that it is much richer (and more fun) to let your characters lead."

Student - City University, London:

"This went way beyond my expectations of a short course. Anna was fantastic. The session content and materials were brilliant. I wish it could have been longer!"

From The Writer's Block Masterclasses:

"Excellent! Anna was lovely and the workshop exercises were very clear and her feedback really helpful"
"Beautifully paced, friendly and warm atmosphere, a good balance of

input and output"
"Anna was a great teacher - just the right tone, very good listener, good exercises"
"Very enjoyable, lots of food for thought, I may go and try some of the exercises again in a different setting. I'd definitely do another workshop with Anna"

Teacher - Farley Hill Primary, Wokingham:
"The children were captivated by Anna's talk. Since her visit, children have been coming up to me, telling me about the exciting stories they are reading
from her books."

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