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Children's Fiction

Vlad the World's Worst Vampire

Vlad is a little vampire who is hopeless at all the things vampires are supposed to be good at. He can't change into a bat. He hates the taste of blood. He is afraid of the dark. He wants to go out in the daytime and make a human friend. His mother, Mortemia, despairs of him. When will he learn to be a proper vampire? But Vlad has his sights set on other things, and along the way he learns the importance of being

confident and happy in your own skin.

🧛🏻‍♂️ Vlad's stories have been translated in 12 different languages and he has even made it across the pond to the United States of America! 🦇

Praise for Vlad the World's Worst Vampire

"A gentle and funny story of a little vampire who wishes he was human – this is Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Hotel Transylvania"

"Popular children’s author Anna Wilson works a special brand of black magic in this entertainingly batty and wonderfully witty illustrated series"
Wigan Today

"A fun, engaging read for younger readers about trying to find your
place in the world"
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The Wide, Wide Sea
One night, there is a terrible storm and a child's favourite beach is covered in horrible litter. The child is distressed and worried about the seal and the other sea creatures. But the child's grandmother shows that we can all make a difference if we join together to clean up our beaches and our oceans. 

Click HERE to see a video of me talking about the book and reading an extract for The Reading Zone.

The wonderful illustrations are drawn by the

award-winning artist, Jenny Løvlie

Praise for The Wide, Wide Sea:

"Be it the taste of sand in sandwiches or a blown-away beach ball, our most evocative childhood memories are likely to be of holidays spent by the sea – and it is the picture books that capture both the child’s enchantment and the adult’s nostalgia that are among our most treasured. The Wide, Wide Sea by Anna Wilson (out now, Nosy Crow, £6.99) is the lyrical story of a child who visits the seaside with her grandmother, and discovers the wonders of the ocean through her imaginative relationship with a seal. With stunning illustrations by Jenny Løvlie, the story also sounds a gentle warning about the environment.”

The Daily Telegraph

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