"Captures the child's enchantment and adult's nostalgia of holidays by the sea. With stunning illustrations by Jenny Løvlie, the story also sounds a gentle warning about the environment"


The Daily Telegraph


The Wide, Wide Sea is my latest book for 3-6 year olds. It tells the story of a child who forges a special connection with a seal and goes on an imaginative journey down into an underwater wonder world of anemones and crabs and starfish and sea squirts!

(Click HERE to see a video of me talking about the book and reading an extract for The Reading Zone.)


One night, there is a terrible storm and the beautiful beach is covered in horrible litter. The child is distressed and worried about the seal and the other sea creatures. But the child's grandmother shows that we can all make a difference if we join together to clean up our beaches and our oceans.


The wonderful illustrations are drawn by the

award-winning artist, Jenny Løvlie


The inspiration for the book came from my favourite beach in the whole wide world. Here's a photo of me with

my family after a cold swim! 


Once I was swimming across the bay when I heard a loud SNORT! When I turned around, this seal was chasing me!


And here's a photo of Jenny on the beach on Ekkerøy in Northern Norway. She was 4 years old in this photo - and this is the day she found a baby Greenland seal! She says that her memory of this day gave her the ideas for her beautiful illustrations in The Wide, Wide Sea.

Thanks for letting me use the photo here, Jenny!


Why not have a go at making your own mini-beaches and underwater worlds? You could use recycled packaging and treasures you find on the beach during the holidays.