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Shine Like the Stars is now out in paperback. It is a picture book for 0-6 year olds, illustrated by the award-winning Harry Woodgate. Each page shows a different child out in nature, noticing how the rhythms of the natural world echo our own thoughts and moods. It's a book to promote mindfulness and wellbeing in young children as well as educating them about things such as the tides, the phases

of the moon and how plants grow.

“I am the sun.
I rise every morning.
I set every evening.
Sit with me. Watch me.
Yesterday you might have been cold.
You might have been worried or angry or sad.
Sit with me. Watch me.
I will still rise.
I am the sun.”

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The inspiration for the book came to me during a bleak, dark winter when I was feeling low. To find out more, visit my blog.

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