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A Story of the Seasons is my next book for Nosy Crow and the National Trust and will be out this autumn. It is beautifully illustrated by Carolina Rabei. The book explores seven different habitats through the four seasons, going into great detail about life cycles, hibernation, migration, camouflage and much more! I can't wait to share it with you. It's been two years in the making.

Be Back Soon cover.png

Be Back Soon is my next book for Andersen and will also be out this autumn.

Jenny Bloomfield has created the gorgeous illustrations. This story contains non-fiction elements about how swallows migrate. It was inspired by my Aunt Sheila who lived in South Africa and would write to me asking me to take care of the swallows and send them back to her. This was how I learnt about migration as a child, and also how I realised that we can stay connected even if we are separated by miles and miles of land and ocean.

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Grandpa and the Kingfisher was inspired by my dad who died in 2015. He loved the river and his favourite bird was the kingfisher. He taught me a lot about the natural world while I was growing up. This book is about kingfishers but it is also about how death is a natural part of life. I hope it will help adults talk to children about death in a reassuring way.

It was shortlisted for the Wainwright Nature Prize in 2023 and

chosen as a Read for Empathy title in 2024.

It is stunningly illustrated by the award-winning Sarah Massini and we are lucky enough to have a North American edition with a belted kingfisher too!

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